1. He listens to you

Men only focus on things that really interest them. If your friend listens to you and gives his words his full attention, you can be sure that you mean a lot to him. He really loves you and values ​​your opinion!

2. He is arguing with you

Dispute does not always have to be a sign of a relationship crisis – on the contrary. If he really loves you, he takes the time to discuss things with you. He wants to find solutions to your problems. After all, it is important to him that you are happy.

3. He compromises to make you happy

One of the greatest proofs of love is when he puts you first – and above all else. Has he planned an evening with his buddies? For you, he changes his plans to do something that he knows will make you happy instead. So he shows you his respect and that you are first for him.

4. He is fighting for your love

A man who really loves you will try to defy all odds and fight for your love. He is happy to have you in his life and keeps showing you that he never wants to lose you. 

5. He is proud of what you achieve

Your successes feel like his own successes for him. A man who loves you will not compete with you. Rather, he will be proud of you and support you wherever he can.

6. He loves you in sweatpants and no make-up as much as he is perfectly styled in an evening dress

There are days when we just don’t feel at our best and not as “presentable”. If your sweetheart really loves you, he will still find you stunningly beautiful and desirable. He likes you just the way you are and finds you even more attractive without makeup .

7. Your friends and family are important to him

Who really loves you is not only interested in you but also in your family and friends. He knows that the people you love are important to you and that they make you happy. That is why he also pays attention to them.

8. He is not afraid to show himself vulnerable

Nobody likes to show their weak, vulnerable side – especially not men! However, if you are the most important person in his life, he is not afraid to show you openly that he is afraid of losing you

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