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Love, Zodiac, & Relationships  … words that when written in the universe of Men/women gain a great dimension, of another quality. Word that sound deeper and more sensitive. That’s why minethoughts.com was born, a very feminine website, made with love by men/women. Day by day, we try to help you by scanning reality, looking for information of your interest, translating into feminine what really interests us.

Are we a women’s magazine? Yes and much more. We are a Male/Female channel on the Internet where quality information is enriched with the participation and connection of all the friends who help us grow every day. We want to listen to you and make your opinion and experience known in all subjects. We will try to put in your hands all the possible technology so that you connect with the feminine digital world.

minethoughts.com was born with the spirit of leadership in its sector. The editors & publisher of minethoughts.com, are the founders of highly successful Info projects. that develops and promotes innovative Idea’s on the Internet

What are you waiting for? Connect with minethoughts.com and help us build a great Website for men/women on the Internet.

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The minethoughts.com team